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Define, track, and analyze all of your goals, and other personal matrices in one place. The best place to track what's important to you.

Track States

States always have a value, you record snapshots, and the intermediary values are interpolated. States are the things you want to affect by taking action.

Track Actions

Actions are things you do to bring you towards your goals. Actions can affect states.

Track Events

Events are similar to states but they are not done by you and they happen very quickly, like a sneeze. Some key differences are that, states can be measured over time.

Tracker Marketplace

The Tracker Marketplace has many pre-modeled trackers in all of the popular categories.

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Reminders are set for a specific time and are conditional, that is you only receive the reminder if a condition is met or unmet. Doesn't your alarm clock need to ring if your already awake and in the shower? Reminders can be set to repeat everyday or only on specific days.


Alerts are similar to reminders but are triggered when a data stream crosses a specified threshold value, and can happen at any time.


Reminder and Alert notification are powered by Tadaima Notifications, a powerful cloud based notification system that can perform magical actions.

Self Scrip, the quantified self programming language, is a cloud scripting language provides easy ways do computations on self tracking data.

Scripts are created in Self Script's advanced browser-based script editor. Scripts are saved in the cloud along side data, and runs automatically when there is new data.

Self Script is very versatile. Here are some examples of things you can do with Self Script:

Data Stream Aggregation

Data can be summed to provide a meaning overview of many data streams. For example a fitness stream could be created from cardio and weight lifting streams. The cardio stream could be a weighted sum of the duration and intensity of all the individual cardio exercises.

Calculate caffeine intake based on tea and coffee consumption.

self.tea * 50 + //tea (50mg / cup) * 150 ;//coffee (100-200mg / cup)

Use a function to tally up daily weight lifting points.

Weight Lifting:
function weightLifting(weight,reps,sets){
  return 0;
  return weight * reps / sets;

weightLifting( self.alt_shoulder_press.weight , self.alt_shoulder_press.repetition , self.alt_shoulder_press )+ 
weightLifting( self.bicep_curl.weight , self.bicep_curl.repetition , self.bicep_curl )+ 

Data Stream Conversion

Imagine you track your running data in miles, and your want to show your friend from Europe your running data stream. A simple conversion function can be applied to the running data stream to display it in kilometers.

Average Running Speed:
self.running.distance / self.running.duration

Create a boolean stream based on the amount of alcohol consumed.

var DRUNK_LIMIT = (12 * 6); //6 pack of beer

self.alcohol.amount > DRUNK_LIMIT ? 1:0;

Share your stream

Your Activity Stream is a Google Gadget, and can be embed in any Gadget container, including iGoogle. Embed your Activity Stream in your blog or website simply by including a few lines of JavaScript.

It's your data. Take it!

You are able to export your data into Google Spreadsheet, or Google Calendar.

Mobile App

With our mobile app self tracking has never been so quick and easy.

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Visibility and privacy

Customizable visibility settings allow different information to be shared with different groups of people.

Express yourself

Express yourself by sharing your life story, Its not just about the numbers, its also about the story. Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.