Self Script, the quantified self programming language, is a cloud based scripting language that provides easy ways do computations on self tracking data.

  • Scripts are created in Self Script's advanced browser-based script editor
  • Scripts are saved in the cloud along side data
  • Scripts run automatically when there is new data

Self Script is very versatile. Using self script you can aggregate data streams to create more meaningful visualizations and gain insights. Here are a few other ways people are using self script.

  • Add streams together (sum)
  • Multiply each stream with a number and tally the results (weighted sum)
  • Convert one unit into another (conversion)
  • Separate data into groups (categorize)
  • Conditionally return data (filter)
  • Compare two (or more) data streams (compare)

The Editor

The Self Script Editor is a code editor that runs in the browser. It provides synax highlighting (code coloring), and autocompletion.

Self Script Editor

Press [Ctrl] + [Space bar] in the editor to use autocompletion.

Sample Scripts

To see how simple Scripts can be, check out the many samples on using Self Script.

The Language

Self Script is based on JavaScript so it supports all of the arithmetic operations you learned in high school, and more. Take a look at the language specification to get an overview of whats possible.

Last Edit 2014-01-21